1. How long do water heaters last?

Your plumbing or heating service call will begin with a thorough examination of the problem and then Herb will provide you with a written estimate with all of your options. These options are designed to help save you money before any work begins, so you know exactly what it costs and what type of work is going to be performed.

2. Do I have to do any maintenance on my steam heating system?

Yearly maintenance is essential to ensure that all of the safety controls are operational (such as the water cut-off and the pressure regulator). In addition, a cleaner solution helps to make more dry steam, save fuel, and lessen noise. Water levels of the boiler should be checked weekly.

3. Should I replace or repair my old faucet?

Sometimes, it is more cost-efficient to replace an outdated faucet than to repair it. A bath tub and shower faucet can be updated to a pressure balanced system to ensure proper and even temperatures.

4. What size water heater should I buy?

Average water heaters range between 40 and 75 gallons. Most people base their purchases on the size of the storage tank, but a better method is to first estimate how much hot water you will need during the peak hour of use. This is referred to as the first-hour rating (FHR) on the Energy Guide label posted on new water heaters. Typical hot water use is:

  • Showering 3 gallons/minute
  • Bathing 15-25 gallons per bath
  • Shaving 1-3 gallons
  • Washing hands 1-2 gallons
  • Washing dishes 4-6 gallons
  • Running dishwasher 5-20 gallons
  • Running clothes washer 25-40 gallons
  • Cleaning house 5-12 gallons
  • Food preparation 1-6 gallons

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